What is SETE?

Pronounced se-tE, SETE is a state-of-the art, feature-rich, and scalable open source web application that supports students, faculty, and others in critical aspects of preparing for and running a science and engineering fair for middle school and high school communities.


What SETE Does

Students define, refine and document their projects and collaborate with their sponsors

Sponsors develop and display ideas for projects, while reviewing student progress

Judges score and assign awards for projects

Administrators define and manage the science fair process.


The initial release is based on the requirements of and is designed for the Taylorville, Illinois High School community.



For Educators: SETE harnesses the power of the web for educators running science and technology fairs in districts with simpler needs and limited resources. It can be used stand-alone, or as the administrative adjunct to content oriented science fair website.


For Developers: SETE provides an opportunity to work with important Java frameworks, learn how an n-tier architecture works in detail, and to make a positive impact in the important area of secondary science and engineering education for potentially thousands of students.


Download SETE  


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